7 Day Life Jumpstart!

Ready to get your life moving again?

Ready to be excited and energized about getting up

in the morning and launching your day?

Ready to feel grounded and be the intentional creator of your day

instead of feeling overwhelmed

and at the mercy of whatever comes your way?

If you're ready...come join me!!

This is a 7-day LIVE course to quick-start your way from feeling "blah" to feeling "Rah!" Each day gives you a theme and action step you can take to build momentum. We cover the topics of gratitude, self-care, service, movement, the draining incompletes in your life, goal setting and taking action!  After 7 days, you'll be looking in the mirror at a different, more empowered person.

Day 1: How gratitude can break down any patterns that keep you in a slump.

Day 2: How getting your body in motion can change your brain! 

Day 3: How self-care, used well, can replenish your body, mind

and spirit.

Day 4: How an attitude of service can change your perspective.

Day 5: How completing some incomplete in your life can give you

your power and energy back.

Day 6: How creating a vision can energize you about your future

Day 7:  How to make a plan and put it into ACTION to shift your life in a new direction.


Price: $127 presale

This course will be live on January 1, 2020!

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