What's your Spartan story?
How have you reinvented your health and your life...
in training for and completing a Spartan race?
Your story could be in in my book,
Reinventing Midlife: Women's Stories of Transformation Through the Spartan Race

Guidelines for Submissions


Reinventing Midlife stories are inspirational, true stories about women who have altered course in midlife and have decided to change their health, take on a challenge, or defy aging and have been transformed in body/mind/spirit through the process of training for and completing a Spartan OCR. It is a personal story that draws the reader into the heroine's journey of overcoming physical or mental obstacles in order to overcome the obstacles on the course. They are inspiring! They make the reader think, "If she can do it, I can do it!"

A great submission will paint a picture, draw the reader in, will often stir emotion and have the reader cheering for the author.  It's a story that helps other women see themselves in your story, helps them believe they can do it too because of your example.  A good story is inspiring, motivating, hopeful, causes tears, laughter, goose bumps or any combination of these.

If we publish your story, you will be paid $200 one month after publication of the book and you will receive 10 free copies of the book. 

Helpful Pointers for a Reinventing Midlife story

  • Remember, the more specific you can be, the more the reader will relate to the story and be able to benefit from it.

  • Ideal length for your WRITTEN STORY should be 500-2000 words, but don’t get hung up about length. Make it as long or as short as it takes to tell the story. Our editors can edit it if need be.

  • If we choose to publish your story, we will have one of our editors work with you to expand it and polish it… so don’t worry about it having to be written or told perfectly.

Please email your story (cut & paste, no attachements) AND contact information to:

Please have your submission in by December 15, 2018.

Proposed publishing date is April 2019.

I so look forward to reading your story and being inspired!


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