Journey of the Illuminated Life

The Journey of the Illuminated Life is spiral path of personal and spiritual growth.  You'll come away from this course with a greater understanding of yourself and your life purpose... you'll be inspired and empowered as you discover your expanded capabilities.  

We explore the four directions...

The East - the direction of possibility, new beginnings, awakening, first light of the rising sun

The South - the direction of letting go, discovering the shadow, clearing what stands in your way, emptying, shedding one's skin

The West - the direction of stepping into power, taking action, rising to the challenge, empowerment

The North - the direction of inner wisdom, self-acceptance and self-love, acknowledgement. and gratitude

Come join us for a life-changing journey that will uplift and expand your understanding of yourself.

Live, online Zoom course

All calls will be recorded and available for replay.

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