Spartan-Ready Fitness

Get in the best shape of your fit enough to finish a Spartan Sprint Obstacle Course Race!  Whether you decide to actually do a race or not, be fit enough that you could :)

And enjoy the confidence and health benefits that come with that level of fitness!


Take the first step....get stronger...feel more confident...change your habits....

strengthen your mindset...set a goal...achieve it....

Become Unstoppable!

Get Started with your FREE 45-minute Fitness Assessment!

Spartan-Ready Fitness - 3 month Package


24 sessions 1:1 50-minute sessions

2 outdoor conditioning trail hikes 

7-Day Life Jumpstart Course ($127 value)

Reinvent Your Life Now Online Course ($749 value)

3 months of Reinvent Your Life Now! Membership Program ($300 value)

Closed FB group for support through the week...and over the holidays!

Individualized instruction, attention and coaching

Day-long Reinvent Your Life Now! retreat ($149 value)

Benefits clients receive:

Get in the best shape of your life!

Lose weight

Gain strength

Gain confidence and self esteem

Gain energy

Shift your mindset

Expand what is possible for all areas of your life!

Set a goal, work for it, accomplish it, celebrate it!

Be ready to participate in a Spartan Race! Discounted entry fee available.


$2997, paid in full

2 payments of $1647

1st payment to register

2nd payment at 30 days

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