30 Days to Reinvent Your Life!

A 30-day online course for people


...who have been too busy taking care of others to take care of themselves.

...who are feeling stuck and know there's got to be a different way.

...who are ready to make some life changes to create a life that would be a    whole lot more fun! and energized! and purposeful!

Is that you? Are you ready for a change

Are you ready to chart a new course, improve your health and

gain new energy to live YOUR life?

Then join us!

Module 1:  Saying "Yes!" To a Life Reinvention!

Taking stock, crafting a vision, establish a baseline, making a plan

Module 2: Getting Prepared For Success

Getting in action, building a morning routine, gratitude and mindset

Module 3: Building Forward Momentum

Dealing with procrastination, clearing what's in the way

Module 4: Commit to the Finish Line

Accountability, creating benchmarks, building lifelong habits

  • Understand the cycle of building new habits

  • Overcome mental obstacles

  • Cultivate empowering self-talk

  • Connect with your inner self

  • Be supported through the process of building healthy habits...for body mind and spirit!

  • Develop the skills to MAINTAIN your new healthy habits for a lifetime!

  • Be inspired to take your health...and your life...to the next level




This 30-day course is held within a private Facebook Group

Runs January 13th-February 9, 2020 

Taught by Molly Peebles

Cost: $349

This is Beta 2 of this course which I am offering at $349 (Reg. $789). In exchange for the discounted price, I ask you to fill out a brief survey as well as to write a short testimonial.

You will come away from this class with a plan for success that you've cultivated over the month and have felt results like: having more energy, more clarity, hope, more excitement about life.  You may lose weight, your clothes may feel better, you may lose brain fog...you may even jump out of bed in the morning because you're super excited about your life!

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